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  • Thousand Oaks

    Established in 2000, Thousand Oaks has grown into one of the finest neighborhoods in Magnolia TX. The homes for sale here cover a variety of pleasing styles, including several compelling approaches to ranch-style homes and contemporary-style homes. There... (Read more)

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  • Ridgewood

    Ridgewood is another impressive example of exclusive Magnolia TX neighborhoods with some very impressive homes for sale. Homes in this area routinely sell for anywhere between 600, 000 dollars and 1-2 million dollars. These are estate-style homes with... (Read more)

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  • Mostyn Manor

    Mostyn Manor certainly offers one of the most unique names to be found in the 1400-strong community of Magnolia TX. Beyond the unique name, you are going to find several appealing features to this vibrant, endlessly engaging neighborhood.... (Read more)

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  • Lake Windcrest

    Dating back to 1999, Lake Windcrest has the appealing distinction of being one of the most established neighborhoods in Magnolia TX. At the same time, the homes for sale in this community will give you some of the... (Read more)

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  • Indigo Lake Estates

    Indigo Lake Estates has an appeal that is easy to appreciate, even from a glance. The homes for sale in this Magnolia TX neighborhood are a good place in which to start with that appreciate. These homes are... (Read more)

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  • High Meadow Ranch

    With homes built between 1964 and 2016 and lots available to build your custom home, the homes for sale throughout High Meadow Ranch in Magnolia TX cover an absolutely stunning range of possibilities. This neighborhood has perhaps the... (Read more)

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