When it comes to homes for sale Magnolia TX, you are going to be impressed by the real estate options that are available. The homes for sale and rent in this community are some of the largest and most beautiful in the area. Simply put, there are real estate options here that can appeal to just about anyone. If you are eager to move to Montgomery County, Magnolia should be at the top of your list. The homes for sale in this region cover homes with land / acreage in ranch-style possibilities to traditional-style possibilities, and so much more. The neighborhoods and gated communities throughout this area are perfect for anyone, yet also provides easy access to everything you could ever want in the way of schools, outdoor venues, fun things to do, and employment opportunities. Magnolia fits the bill on both of those fronts.

Magnolia TX Real Estate
The current state of Magnolia real estate is worth getting excited about. If you are new to everything that awaits you in this atmosphere of warmth, friendliness, and boundless potential, there are a few facts about Magnolia TX that you are going to want to keep in mind.

New Homes For Sale Magnolia TX
In terms of new homes for sale in Magnolia TX, keep in mind that the average home price is somewhere in the range of 430,000 dollars. Not surprisingly, this can vary wildly from one neighborhood to the next and can start in the 200 thousand price range. Magnolia features a number of stunning neighborhoods and gated communities. Whether you are looking for something along the lines of a modest home, or if you are more interested in a sprawling, estate-like property with acreage and land to spare, you are going to find a variety of options throughout Montgomery County in general.

In terms of Magnolia specifically, your new homes Magnolia TX possibilities are quite simply breathtaking, regardless of what you ultimately choose. The average size of a home in Magnolia is more than three thousand square feet, so that should give you an idea of just how spacious these properties can be. This is why we tell people that Magnolia has something to offer just about everybody.

Homes For Rent Magnolia TX
Simply put, Magnolia TX has it all, in terms of different types of homes. You will also like the fact that Magnolia gives you numerous options to buy or rent. Whether you are ready for the sizable investment of buying a house, or if you would like to rent for a little while first, the current state of Magnolia real estate is going to have something to offer you. Rental prices run anywhere from a little less than 1000 dollars a month, to large homes that rent for several thousand per month. There are even more possibilities within that array, so keep in mind that you are going to be able to find almost anything, if you aren’t ready to explore the homes for sale just yet.

Magnolia Real Estate & New Home Builders
With its immensely desirable location within the Houston-Magnolia-Woodlands-Tomball area, there is a great deal to like about Magnolia TX. You can certainly add the array of new homes Magnolia TX options that are available to you. With home builders like Lennar, Darling Homes, Kurk Homes, and JW Neathery, the homes for sale are particularly appealing in this area. Whether you are looking for a home that was built recently, or if you are actually interested in learning about custom homes in Magnolia, you can be sure that you will find something that suits your needs in spectacular fashion.

Estates MagnoliaTX Homes
Eager to explore massive estates with the acreage to match, you will find much to consider in Magnolia TX. Not surprisingly, these are some of the most expensive properties in Magnolia. Indeed, we are talking about some of the most expensive homes for sale in Montgomery County TX.

Yet the price tag is understandable. This is particularly true, when you study these homes with land for sale in greater detail. There is no question that some of the most beautiful, reliable homes in Magnolia are the ones that include some acreage. With a home that includes several acres, if not more, you are getting the best of everything you could ever want from a place to live. You are going to find that this community, particularly in terms of your immediate surroundings, will keep you connected, secure, and engaged.

Homes with Land / Acreage Magnolia TX
In terms of homes with land / acreage for sale Magnolia TX, there are some truly compelling possibilities to consider. One of the great things about Magnolia is the fact that you can find a wide range of homes and home types across a number of neighborhoods, gated communities, and other areas.

The average selling price for any home in Magnolia is around 400,000, but it is well within the realm of possibility to find something that is available in the high-200,000 dollar range. This thought can be applied to homes with land or acreage in Magnolia. You can find spacious ranch-style homes at an average of 3000 square feet, with a few acres that will be entirely your own. These properties usually sell for several hundred thousand. You can generally expect homes with acreage / land to start in the neighborhood of 6,000-900,000 dollars. However, you will want to keep in mind that most homes with land / acreage sell for a good deal more. There are even properties available for several million dollars!

Magnolia TX Real Estate Information
Located right at the junction of FM-1774 and FM-1488, Magnolia enjoys a desirable location. Beyond the homes for rent or sale in Magnolia, you will find a community that can keep you connected to everything you would ever want from a place in which to call home.

The homes are certainly beautiful, spacious, and easy to appreciate on every possible level. Regardless of where you live in Magnolia, you will find yourself surrounded by a community that endeavors to make everyone feel right at home. Magnolia features wonderful schools from the Magnolia Independent School District, and you will also find numerous options towards shopping, dining, bars, parks, outdoor venues, and much more. Magnolia TX also benefits from being close to several impressive golf courses.

Remember, getting to the best of Magnolia means having a real estate agent who can tell you everything you need to know about Magnolia real estate.

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