Cimarron Creek

Located in gorgeous Magnolia TX, the homes for sale in Cimarron Creek emphasize the beauty and potential of this charming town. This neighborhood has a wonderful range of ranch-style homes, traditional-style homes, and more. It also has the distinction of offering some of the most spacious-yet-affordable options in Magnolia. Cimarron is noted for a number of reasons. One of the most appealing would be how close it puts you to the schools. Even if you don’t have kids, this is something that nicely gives you an idea of the atmosphere this neighborhood maintains.

This neighborhood is perfect for anyone who wants to live close to the essentials of Magnolia. Combine that with the benefits of living in this town in general, and you have the makings of a perfect place to live. While Magnolia might be a small town, featuring a population of less than 1500, it is nonetheless a complete town. That is to say that Magnolia has everything you could ever want from your immediate surroundings. Location is just one element to the list of benefits.

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It is not impossible to find homes for sale in this Magnolia TX neighborhood in the low 200,000 dollar range. Homes tend to top out in the high 400,000 dollar range, but homes can occasionally go for even more than that. Still, with many homes between 200,000 dollars and 300,000, you can see why this neighborhood has a reputation for being so affordable. At the same time, don’t forget that we are still talking about spacious, absolutely stunning properties. CalAtlantic Homes, Drees Custom Homes, and Blessing Homes are among the home builders who have worked in the Cimarron Creek area. These are perfect single family units for just about anyone. Singles, couples, and certainly families make up the DNA of this neighborhood. Considering the benefits of living in this neighborhood, it isn’t hard to see why.

Magnolia TX puts you in a great Montgomery TX location. Living here puts you near Conroe TX, Spring TX, Cypress TX, and much more. You are also going to be less than one hour away from Downtown Houston. This gives Cimarron Creek the distinction of offering a straightforward workday commute.

At the same time, the homes for sale here put you in the heart of Magnolia. This is a town that offers its own array of shopping options, restaurants, parks, grocery stores, and exceptional schools through the Magnolia Independent School District.

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"Cimarron Creek"