Estates Of Clear Creek

Estates of Clear Creek is a brilliant example of what the homes for sale in Magnolia TX can offer you. These are homes that feature ranch-style touches, traditional-style touches, and much more. These homes are perfect for anyone who wants to have a home with impressive curb appeal. These homes are also ideal for anyone who wants to live in a very established neighborhood. This neighborhood began to develop around 1997. It has seen a number of attractive additions since then, while still being in the reasonable range of 200,000+ dollars. This neighborhood features numerous properties from some of the best home builders in Texas.

A tour through this neighborhood would certainly grab your attention in the best way possible. As you explore this neighborhood more closely, which means going beyond the benefits of the neighborhood, you will only serve to get more excited. If you have been looking for a small town with big city possibilities, then Estates of Clear Creek and Magnolia TX are worth your attention.

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Although the neighborhood was first established in 1997, the homes for sale here are as recent as just a year or so ago. Homes in this neighborhood are still being added, and they are still being added by some of the state’s home builder. The list of home builders in and around Magnolia includes Coventry Homes, Darling Homes, Blessing Homes, and many others. The homes here often sell for more than 300,000 dollars, but it is possible to find something for a little less than that.

In terms of immediate surrounding benefits, you are going to be pleased with Estates of Clear Creek. The neighborhood is anchored by the exceptional schools to be found in the Magnolia Independent School District. Magnolia is also a community that is marked by great shopping, employment centers, restaurants, parks, interesting venues, and much more. You are going to be pleased with the fact that Magnolia gives you all of the essentials in a tranquil, secure package.

At the same time, Magnolia TX also benefits from a great location in Montgomery County. The homes for sale in this town of 1400 puts you near Cypress TX, Conroe TX, and even Downtown Houston. If you need a home that makes it easy to get to any of those places, or any of the other nearby communities, Magnolia will be a perfect solution.

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