Indigo Lake Estates

Indigo Lake Estates has an appeal that is easy to appreciate, even from a glance. The homes for sale in this Magnolia TX neighborhood are a good place in which to start with that appreciate. These homes are going to be perfect for anyone who wants stability, peace, and security. You will also love that these homes make it easy to connect to everything Magnolia has to offer. As you learn about all of the properties available here, make it a point to remember that Magnolia has much to offer on its own terms. When it comes to shopping, employment centers, restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores, parks, and great schools through the Magnolia Independent School District.

To be sure, you will have everything you could ever desire from your immediate surroundings.

Then you have to include the fact that living here also means taking advantage of Magnolia’s immensely desirable location.

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Homes in this neighborhood tend to start in the mid-300,000 dollar range. However, it is easy to find homes that sell for as much as 600,000+ dollars. These are the largest homes in the neighborhood, offering spacious properties that top out at more than eight thousand square feet. To be sure, the appeal of the homes for sale through this Magnolia TX neighborhood can grab just about anyone. There are homes for all tastes and budgets throughout Indigo Lake Estates. Homes in this neighborhood have been built across the years 1995 to 2016. Some of the best home builders in the state have erected properties in this neighborhood.

Beyond everything your immediate surroundings have to offer, you will want to take stock of the benefits of your location. Magnolia will certainly give you all of the essentials of your community. At the same time, you can also appreciate the immensely desirable location in Montgomery County. This town puts you close to such cities as Conroe TX, while also keeping you near Harris County cities like Cypress and Spring TX. These are major employment centers, in addition to offering their own options for shopping, dining, golf courses, outdoor venues, and more fun things to do. If you want to have a little more than what Magnolia TX has to offer, you will find tons of alternatives.

You can also enjoy the fact that you are less than one hour away from Downtown Houston. This is yet another benefit that you should keep in mind.

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