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With homes starting in the low 400,000 dollar range, Magnolia Ranch Estates has some perfect options for those who want a spacious, comfortable property. You are going to find both of those features being roundly, perfectly met with the homes for sale throughout this Magnolia TX neighborhood. The average size of homes in this neighborhood is around 3000 square feet, so you can see why these options appeal to so many people from so many different walks of life.

Magnolia has much to offer on its own terms, as well. After all, this is a town that is supported by exceptional schools in the Magnolia Independent School District. This gives the nearby neighborhoods a distinct source of pride. However, there is a great deal to this neighborhood that is worth appreciating just as much. Magnolia TX might be a town of approximately 1400 individuals, but it is nonetheless a multifaceted community with all of the essentials that you might expect. Beyond the traditional-style and ranch-style homes for sale in this neighborhood, you have a town of restaurants, bars, shopping, cafes, parks, and more. You have essentially everything you are going to need to feel as though you are truly right at home.

Then you have the benefits of your general location along Magnolia Ranch Estates. When you take all of the perks of living here as a whole, you are left with a community that meets all of your needs. Along the way, this is also a community that has the ability to meet needs you weren’t even aware of!!

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Located in Montgomery County TX, Magnolia TX is a stellar example of what you can find in this community. While the population is not massive by any means, you will find yourself nicely located to several other equally-vibrant Montgomery County locations. You are also going to be close to several appealing destinations throughout Harris County. Many people in neighborhoods like Magnolia Ranch Estates love being less than one hour away from Downtown Houston.

Overall, Magnolia has homes for sale that put you close to some of the biggest employment centers in the state. In particular, living in Magnolia means you have the benefit of a very straightforward commute to Downtown Houston each day. Magnolia is close to these things, but it still enjoys a very desirable element of giving you the peace and security that you no doubt desire.

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