Ridgewood is another impressive example of exclusive Magnolia TX neighborhoods with some very impressive homes for sale. Homes in this area routinely sell for anywhere between 600, 000 dollars and 1-2 million dollars. These are estate-style homes with flawless bathrooms, kitchens, and property. You are also going to find these massive homes, built by top Texas home builder companies, nicely secluded from the world at large. These homes are pretty ideal for anyone who wants the very best, and are willing to pay for it!

Even so, there are occasionally homes that sell in the high 400, 000 range. There is also certainly an appeal about these homes that can captivate just about anyone. Furthermore, compared to other nearby cities, even the high prices here are in the range of relatively affordable.

These competitively-priced homes are definitely going to grab your attention. Beyond the community, its privacy and security, and its many features, there are a lot of pleasing factors to living in Magnolia TX that you are going to want to keep in mind.

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You can easily find homes for sale along Ridgewood that are as large as 7000+ square feet. When we talk about these homes being expansive, we aren’t using hyperbole! These homes are absolutely breathtaking. Whether you have a large family, or if you simply value having a generous amount of private space, you are going to be pleased with what these properties offer.

It gets better, when you are willing to leave these stunning homes behind. Magnolia TX benefits from offering just about everything you could expect from a town of approximately 1400, and then you are going to find a whole lot more. This is a town that offers a lot in the way of shopping, dining, grocery stores, parks, and much more. You are also going to find this town supported by wonderful schools in the Magnolia Independent School District.

Everything about this town will serve to make you feel right at home. It gets better. Magnolia is located in Montgomery County. This part of Texas is celebrated for a few reasons. In the first place, Magnolia features a range of impressive, vibrant cities and towns. This includes Conroe TX. Furthermore, Magnolia TX and Ridgewood will put you close to a number of Harris County cities, as well. Cypress TX is one example of what we mean. You will also be less than one hour away from Downtown Houston.

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