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Sendera Lake Estates is a stunning opportunity to live in Magnolia TX, when taken as a whole. You are going to be taken away by the homes for sale from the first moment you see them. To take a tour through this neighborhood, you are going to feel as though you have been there for years. There is a quality to this neighborhood that serves to make people feel right at home from the very beginning. The ranch-style and traditional-style homes are one of the first and foremost things that will bring this thought to the surface.

When you explore this area a little more, you find even more to enjoy. The homes in this neighborhood are perfect for just about anyone. This is particularly true, with prices starting in the 300, 000 dollar range. You can find homes that sell for less than that, but you may want to count on homes for sale going for a bit more than that. However, it is rare for homes in this neighborhood to sell for more than 600, 000 dollars.

Then you have the benefits of the Sendera Lake Estates neighborhood. Beyond the fact that you have all of the benefits of Magnolia TX, you will find yourself enjoying an immensely desirable location.

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This community was first established in 1992. This gives the neighborhood a nice distinction of being one of the more established neighborhoods in the Magnolia area. This is perhaps why you see such an interesting range of homes and home styles. The age of this neighborhood can also go a long way towards explaining the nice price range, as well. This neighborhood has proven to be popular over the years with just about anyone. Whether you are looking for a place in which to set down long-term routes, or a place in which to enjoy your retirement, Sendera Lake Estates is going to impress you.

And you will certainly be excited with the Magnolia TX community features, as well. This town has much to offer in the way of dining, shopping, parks, fun things to do, grocery stores, hospitals, and more. You will also want to keep in mind that the homes for sale in this neighborhood are anchored by the exceptional schools of the Magnolia Independent School District. This is the kind of benefit that appeals to everyone.

You also have a great location. Living here puts you close to places like Conroe, Cypress, and Downtown Houston.

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"Sendera Lake Estate"