Sendera Ranch

With the homes for sale along Sendera Ranch covering the years 1993 to the present, there is something very interesting about the general atmosphere of this Magnolia TX neighborhood. In the first place, you will want to appreciate the wonderful range of homes in this area. Sizes start in the 1800square foot range, but many examples are considerably larger. Homes in the range of nearly 7000 square feet are not uncommon here by any means.

The versatility of this neighborhood is also reflected in the variety of prices. You can find homes in the area of the high 300, 000s. At the same time, and in the same neighborhood, you can find sprawling estate-style homes that sell for as much as 1.5 million. Many of the homes in this neighborhood favor a ranch-style design, and there are a lot of different ways that concept has been expressed here. However, traditional-style homes dot this specific portion of the landscape, as well. Darling Homes, Lennar, and Blessing Homes are among the TX home builders who have put up homes in this general area.

Magnolia is surrounded by scenic green beauty, gorgeous homes, and the town of Magnolia TX itself. On that last front, there are several appealing advantages that you should keep in mind.

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Homes in this neighborhood can have as few bedrooms as 3, and as many bedrooms as 7. This is why the neighborhood appeals to so many different people. Whether you are single, the head of a family, or part of a couple, you can find homes for sale here that will take your breath away.

Sendera Ranch also enjoys a close proximity to everything Magnolia has to offer. The list includes great restaurants and shopping, grocery stores, beautiful parks, great places to check out, and all of the community essentials you might expect. This neighborhood also enjoys a closeness to the great schools that make up the Magnolia Independent School District. This is one of the many well-regarded neighborhoods in Magnolia.

Magnolia TX also benefits from being close to several Montgomery County and Harris County TX towns and cities. For example, you aren’t too terribly far away from Cypress TX or Conroe TX. This means being close to some of the best in shopping, dining, bars, golf courses, and hiking trails in the state. It also means being just forty-five miles away from everything Downtown Houston has to offer.

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"Sendera Ranch"