With a population of approximately 1400, Magnolia TX is certainly going to qualify as a small town. However, if you ask the people who know this endlessly charming town to describe it in more accurate terms, they would describe as something far more interesting than a “small town.” That is technically true, but the homes for sale along the Timbergreen neighborhood represents a good way to understand that the town is honestly so much more than that.

Many would describe this town as a small town with big city features. As you check out this neighborhood, your surroundings, the town of Magnolia, and then everything that surrounds Magnolia, you are likely to agree with that assessment.

Homes in this neighborhood start in the 300, 000 dollar range. However, it is entirely possible to find homes that go for a bit less than that. It is possible, but 300, 000 dollars is ultimately the best place to start, in terms of understanding what this neighborhood is all about. Homes can sell for much more than that, as well. Timbergreen homes can go for as much as 500, 000 dollars or 600, 000 dollars. These homes can cover several thousand square feet, in terms of size. Those homes can be perfect for anyone who wants a spacious property for a number of people. There are also more modest homes for sale that can appeal to those who don’t need quite as much space. The possibilities are going to frankly seem endless with a Magnolia TX neighborhood such as this.

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This neighborhood dates all the way back to 1993. While that gives this neighborhood a measure of being very well established, you shouldn’t dismiss this neighborhood as being old. While this is a neighborhood that is rich in tradition and Magnolia history, major home builders continue to add to this neighborhood at a steady rate. Along the way, the older examples of homes for sale have been maintained in wonderful fashion. Regardless of where you live in Timbergreen, you are going to have a stunning place in which to live.

You also have a place that is beautifully surrounded by shopping, dining, community essentials, and amazing schools through the Magnolia Independent School District. Living here also means you are going to be less than one hour away from everything Downtown Houston has to offer. There are also exceptional communities nearby like Conroe TX and Cypress TX.

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