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Homes for Sale in Magnolia TX –

Home financing is available and their are many lending options for a single family home mortgage. Call to speak with us today to learn about available Homes in Magnolia TX and how to obtain a home mortgage.

Homes | SALES – Homes for Sale in Magnolia TX – Magnolia properties offer some of the most appealing opportunities to live just outside of Houston TX. Only about thirty miles from Downtown Houston, Magnolia TX is perfect for anyone who needs a straightforward commute to and from the city every day. All of the homes for sale in this area benefit from being close to major roads and highways. For example, living in one the stunning, decidedly modern homes in this unincorporated community will allow you to live along US 249 and the 99.

There are numerous benefits to living in Magnolia. From having a range of home styles to choose from, to access to some of the best gated communities and unrestricted land in the region, Magnolia is perfect for families, singles, and couples. Beyond the homes for sale in this community, there are several more elements to Magnolia that you will want to keep in mind.

Residential HOME SALES – Homes in Magnolia TX offer a wide number of active listings. Homes sell for an average of 359,000 dollars. However, it is not unreasonable for homes to sell in the 200,000 range. At the same time, the Magnolia homes for sale can reach prices of one or two million. From single-family units, to sprawling, gorgeous estates, almost anyone can find what they are looking for in this community. There are also new homes being built in the area all the time, featuring some of the best home builders in the state.

Simply put, as Houston continues to develop, the same effect can be found within the surrounding communities. Although Magnolia is an unincorporated community, it currently boasts a population of more than...


Magnolia homes for lease – Who wants a regular apartment lease when you can have a home lease? Well, that’s what most renters ask and developers have answered the call! There are many home for rent in Magnolia to choose from in clutch city which is why you need an experienced loft Realtor to guide you through all of the options. Homes in Magnolia for rent can be found all over. Call today to speak with a home leasing concierge Realtor.

Homes | LEASING – Looking to lease a home for rent in Houston’s thriving Magnolia area? We would love to help! Did you know there are several homes, property styles, and residential homes in Magnolia? If finding the right home sound like an impossible task? Not to worry! We are well acquainted with every property in Magnolia as well as every Magnolia home for sale / lease and would be happy to help you find the right fit for your next rental. As a renter your real estate services are complimentary, so call today and allow one of our experienced Realtors lead the way.

Home STAGING – Studies show that staged homes sell faster and for a higher price. Therefore every home we sell is staged before it is listed on the active market to be sold. We hire professional staging consultants to assess each home and provide recommendations for improvements to occupied homes and we bring in home décor and furnishings for vacant homes. No home goes un-staged. What is the cost of home staging for our clients? Zero, that’s right, it’s free! We believe in the power of a staged home so completely that we will stage your home for free! Call to speak with a listing agent for more on about our home sales listing services.

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